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What is Playsee?
Playsee is about traveling and making friends while having fun!
Eat, play, and travel from the eyes of our global community.
Discover and connect with the world through the eyes of other Playsee Guides, and find out what's trendy around you!
While you explore the world with Playsee, don't forget to join your peers and share mesmerizing stories by checking-in with videos at various locations.
What is Playsee Guide?
Playsee Guides are local guides in the form of avatars. Each user
has a Playsee Guide to represent themselves on Playsee.
Earn coins by checking-in with videos to unlock new outfits and personalize your Playsee Guide to show up on the map.
Become a Playsee Guide
15 seconds of fame! Have a focal point, talk to the camera, just have fun and be yourself in the short clips!
Meet the Playsee team
We are a team of creators, foodies, travelers, and a group of dedicated talents from top industries around the world.
The marketing team publicizes the front of our company culture - everything from the joys of joking with our teammates to getting those brain juices flowing to the euphoria when a team project finally succeeds.
The design team runs the face of our product. Imagine all the creative art you wanted to do but never got around to - except now you finally have the freedom to live out your artistic dreams!
The engineering team is the backbone of our company. Yes, they appear the quiet keyboard tappers, but always the group is rife with conversation - most of it, intellectual brainstorming; some of it, just plain goofing around (who says the office can't be fun?)
The operations team is the behind-the-scenes engine of our company, including running business plans and ad hoc assignments. Catch them on their next coffee break! (It's the only time they aren't rushing from task to task.)
Our philosophy:
Be original, be curious,
be hungry for adventure!
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